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The National Council for Technical Education (NACTE) was established by Act of Parliament Cap. 129 to oversee and coordinate the provision of technical education and training in Tanzania. Technical education and training in this context is defined as:

Information on Admission Section

Admission and Articulation Section deals with Admission Verification of selected students through online and offline model, facilitate student’s mobility, prepare and review admission guidebooks, admission guideline and procedures and the section provide technical support to institutions on admission verification and enrollments of verified selected students as well as continuing students.

So all graduates of Secondary Education and Colleges who qualify for Diploma courses and Diploma courses are advised to apply directly to the college so that they can have the opportunity to attend the 2022/2023 academic year. In addition to applicants in government colleges offering health courses they can also do so through

The Council also advises applicants and parents / guardians to make sure that they apply at Higher Education Colleges as listed in the Academic Year book for the 2022/2023 academic year.
The Guidebook is available on the NACTE website ( )

Kindly be informed that the Admission Cycle for 2022/2023 Academic year is now open
Seeing the Guidelines for the 2022/2023 (Admission Guidebook 2022/2023) click here

NACTE Application 2022/2023

How To Apply For diploma and certificate colleges in Tanzania for 2022/2023 academic year

So, you’ve made the decision to study in TZ. This wasn’t difficult for you to decide, but now you’re at the hard part – how do you apply to attend a College in TZ? What do you need to do in order to make sure that you can go exactly where you want to go?

Here are 4 steps to help you apply for Diploma and Certificate colleges in Tanzania

Choose a college and a study program

The first thing you need to do is define your target: what do you want to study and where do you want to study. Fortunately, there are countless options available to you as the TZ currently counts around 500 recognized techical diploma and certificate education providers whereas the variety of available study courses is larger than that.

To choose your tz college, make a list of all universities colleges that offer diploma or certificate courses in your professional field and review their course structure and modules.

From there you can filter out a shorter list of colleges that would match your desire. It is not necessary to limit yourself in only one university, however, it would be much better than dispersing your attention in more than one option. To carry on this research, you need to start early enough at least one month before application deadlines.

Meet the Application Requirements

After you have decided on what TZ college and program you want to study, you must now see what are the requirements to apply for a place at that college. To do this, you must visit NACTE or institution website and check their application requirements section.

Knowing that NACTE college application requirements change largely between courses it is highly recommended you do multiple checks and take notes if needed. Also, you must pay attention to the details because at this point of your application everything counts even the least important document.

Timing is also important at this stage due to the fact that the completion of the required documents can take time and there may be unexpected delays until they’re issued to you

Consequently, you may lose the upcoming deadline and even worse, you can submit an application, but getting rejected for missing documents. Start to prepare well in time, at least three months before the university open calls for available places.


Now it’s time to submit your application. Before doing that, give a final look of your application paperwork to see if there might be something accidentally missing. Once you’ve done it, you’re ready to apply for a place at the chosen college in TZ.

Applications are most of the time carried online through the NACTE online application platform. All you need to do is to create a personal account in NACTE and then proceed with course selection and application’s submission. Note that there are some Institutions which run their own online application platform and require you to apply through it or jointly with NACTE.

Wait for the Admission Letter

As soon as your university/college receives your application they will send you an email to confirm it. There’s not a regular period of time it takes the admission committee to go through your application and respond to you. Due to heavily applications load TZ universities face, it takes time to process your request.

Overall, this process lasts for several weeks and it depends on how many applications the university has collected during that application fall. The good news is you can track the processing of your online application through NACTE Or Institution”s Online application portal at any time you want.

Apply online

NACTE application online 2022


If you are form four or Form six leaver and you are interested in studying diploma or certificate programs in a public or private collage, you must complete the Online Application on NACTE Admission Verification System or apply directly to the Training Institution in .
The NACTE 2022/2023 Online application system will be open soon. You should fill out the online application forms as soon as possible on the official NACTE site OR institution site,
It’ll be easier to complete your application process if you are aware of some important issues and gather what you need ahead of time. Below is everything you need to do before attempting to apply and how to apply for Certificate and Diploma programs.

Carefully Read the NACTE admission guidebook for the Category you wish to apply.

The Admission Guidebook (Guidebook) is meant to provide the applicants with basic information on matters related to the entire process of admissions through the Central Admission System. The Guidebook indicates the programmes offered in each institution as approved by NACTE.
In addition, it indicates the minimum entry requirements, institutional capacity, fee structure for each programme
Applicants are therefore, strongly advised to read the Admissions Guidebook before they start lodging their applications in order to know exactly requirement of programmes they wish to apply, it is highly recommended to carefully read admission guidebook

DOWNLOAD: NACTE 2022/23 admission guidebooks Compiled Full PDF Download

All the admission guide books for Health and allied sciences (including community health, health records etc) programmes, Teacher education programmes, Administration, Business, Law, Planning, Social Work, Community Development, Tourism and related Programmes, Agriculture, Livestock, Engineering, ICT, Computer Science and other related Sciences Programmes are available here download it here

Prepare your Application fee (Non – refundable):

It is important to pay Application fee first in order to get M-pesa confirmation code, the application fees for this academic year are as in following categories: –
For Certificate/Diploma and Higher Diploma in Health and Allied Sciences (Including Community Health, Health Records etc): – TShs 10,000/= Per Institution Which shall be paid through M-PESA
All applicants are advised to keep in safe place their confirmation number from Vodacom M-PESA payment for future reference (For Online or NOAVAS applicants)

Prepare the following things Before initializing the application process

It is important to gather the following particulars before initializing the application process,
  • Valid Phone Number, Valid and Working Email Address, for receiving your login password and other important updates
  • Payment M-pesa Confirmation Code (For NOVAS applicants)
  • Your form four /form six index number

Start your registration:

Soon After paying application fee you will be able to apply for any category you want, you can start your application process by making a self-registration through NOAVS. Where you will be required enter your initial qualification details. Follow the below link to proceed;
  • If this is your first time click here to start your application.
  • If you are already registered please click here
You can also send your application directly to the training institution, Here is a full list of institutions allowed to admit new students for Health and Allied Sciences programmes

Qualifications Overview

You must be holder of Ordinary Certificate of Secondary Education (CSEE) or its equivalent recognized by NECTA, or National Vocational Award (NVA) 3 from VETA or its equivalent recognized by VETA or General Certificate of Engineering(GCE) from NECTA or Certificate of Education Under Mpango wa MUKA.
For other privante Training Institutions you are advised to visit their websites for more info on how to apply or you can check the list of institutions allowed to admit new students for Health and Allied Sciences programmes for more details


Remember that you are advised to read carefully the admission requirements of each programme you anticipate applying in the guidebook before initializing the application process in order to avoid problems that may arise due to failure to follow appropriate instructions.
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