NACTE Admission into Administration, Business, Law, Planning, Social Work, Community Development, Tourism and related Programmes for 2023/2024

The Admissions into Business, Planning and Tourism Training institutions is processed through NOAVS. The applications by using NOAVS are lodged through the Internet.

The process is interactive in such a way that the applicant can easily and conveniently follow the instructions given by the system in the course of lodging an application.

Applicants are strongly advised to read carefully the Admission Guidebook before they start lodging their application in order to be familiar with the entry requirements, location and fees of the institutions aspired

Entry Requirements for Admission into BTP Programs
For an applicant to be eligible for admission into Business, Tourism and Planning (BPT), he/she must satisfy the minimum entry requirements of four passes in non-religious subjects in Certificate of secondary education examination (CSEE). However, there are some programme requirements that are specific to certain programmes. The following information provides minimum admission requirements for Business, Tourism and Planning(BPT) related programmes as detailed herein.

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