NACTE health application 2021/2022 – Health and Allied Sciences Programmes 2021/2022

The admission into various Certificate and Diploma Programmes in Health and Related fields offered by Public  and private health training institutions for academic year 2021/2022) will be open soon for new applicants.

The applications will either be received at the Public Health Institutions which will admit the applicants through their Institutional Panel or the applicant can apply online through NACTE website ( ).

Entry Requirements for Admission into Health and Allied Sciences Programmes

For an applicant to be eligible for admission into Health and Allied Sciences (HAS), he/she must satisfy the minimum entry requirements of four passes in non religious subjects in Certificate of secondary education examination (CSEE). However, there are some programme requirements that are specific to certain programmes. The following information provides minimum admission requirements for Health and Allied Sciences (HAS) related programmes as detailed herein.

Click here to get HAS Admission guidebooks

Comments 26

  1. mwanakhamisi shabani says:

    I would love to join collage this year dealing with health

  2. Thomas says:

    I would like to join with your college in medical officer I have passed form four and I scored D in Biology

  3. Precious licky says:

    What if i have passed all subjects except chemistry can i apply for health courses?

  4. Lulu Lupoja says:

    I would like to join health college this year

  5. Editha rweiliza says:


  6. Nyanda nyanda says:

    I have got “C” of chem &Bios together with “D” of phys. May i able 2 apply 4 clinical medicine courxe?

  7. Ever peter vicent says:

    I would like to join health college this year and i have passed form four and i scored D in biology and D in chemistry

    • Augustine john says:

      I have got “C” of chem &Bios together with “F” of phys. May i able to apply for clinical medicine

      • Udahiliportal says:

        No you can’t apply for clinical medicine without a D In physics

  8. rauhiya nasib says:

    ihave 3 pasess 2 d and 1 c can i join

  9. stephano mussa says:

    i have scored c ‘ of phyz as well as biology and B’ of chemistry wat course can i study?

  10. Pili narri says:

    Can I be able to apply for clinical medicine with C in chemistry and biology,Physics D and Maths F???

    • Udahiliportal says:

      Yes ofcourse! You’re are eligible to apply

      • Hussein Hassani says:

        Am like to join the upgrading nursing diploma I have the transcription so what’s going on?

  11. faith Faudh Abbasi says:

    i want to join nta level 5 in government college of health **

  12. Richards says:

    I need to join upgrading diploma in nursing and midwife but am not yet get transcription can I join the course???

  13. I would like to join health college this year

  14. Please help I want to apply diploma in clinical medicine but I don’t know where to begin for application

  15. Daudi says:

    Where do I apply

  16. Brian lucad says:

    I scored c in biology and chemistry D in physics and F in math can I apply medical laboratory science

  17. Denelson mosha says:

    I need this applicatiob

  18. Florence Michael karindo says:

    Iscore C in Biology,D Chemistry,. F in physics and mathematics, can I apply for nursing and midwifery and if not which one can I apply?

  19. Magreth Zephania says:

    I score D in chemistry, D in Biology, D in physics but F in Mathematics !! Can I apply for Diploma in nursing 3 years? Registered Nurse??

  20. Charpie says:

    Why do health colleges enroll many students who later on want to dismiss in a fishy way

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