Ulanga District Council (DC)

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About Ulanga District Council (DC)

Ulanga Council is one of the 9 Councils of Morogoro Region, namely Ulanga, Mvomero, Morogoro Municipality, Morogoro, Gairo, Kilosa, Kilombero, Ifakara Town and Malinyi Town.

The residents of Ulanga Council are a mix of different ethnic groups. The tribe that owns this Council is the Pogoro. The pace of expansion of Ulanga Council has increased due to the various geographical, economic and environmental opportunities, efforts are being made through various Councils and Stakeholders to develop Ulanga district in various fields to bring about change within the district.


Ulanga District is located 512 Kilometers from the City of Dar es Salaam. It is located between Latitude 4.5 South and Longitude 37.4 East. It is about 1,600 feet above sea level. Ulanga borders the Uluguru Mountains, also borders Iringa region, borders Songea, and borders Malinyi and Kilombero districts.


Ulanga Council has an area of ​​14,423 square kilometers, most of which are protected forests and forests. The largest part is the Selous Game Reserve in the south and east and there is the Kilombero South Park (Iluma) in the north and east.


Highlands South West: (Mbeya, Iringa, Njombe and southern Morogoro regions):

Rainfall is expected to begin in the fourth week of November to January and is expected to have heavy rainfall above average in most areas. However in southern Njombe region and some areas south of Morogoro region (Mahenge) moderate to below average rainfall is expected.

The average temperature is 180C to 260C in winter (July – November). Autumn rains begin in October to February, and monsoon rains from March to May. The rainfall averages between 800 and 1,600 millimeters.


Ulanga District has been expanding rapidly due to population growth. According to the 2012 Population and Housing Census Ulanga District Council has a population of about 151,001 (75,348 Men and 75,653 Women)

Factors that contribute to the rapid growth of the population include: Breeding and migration. Factors contributing to the rapid migration include:

Increase in Mining Mining Investment

Increased business segments

Increased agricultural and livestock activities

Infrastructure improvement

Expansion of social services – eg schools, health centers, leisure centers.

Economic and Employment Activities

The main activities carried out by the residents of Ulanga include:

Business – Wholesale and Retail

Agriculture & Livestock –

Office activities

Small jobs


Crops grown on the outskirts of the City and in the surrounding Kilombero District include, rice, maize, bananas, cassava, Sweet Potatoes, Fruits and leafy vegetables.

Ulanga District Council (DC) Contact Information

  • Executive Director, Ulanga District Council
  • Postal Address: P.O. BOX 22
  • Telephone: +2550232626340
  • Phone: 0763845957
  • Email: ded@ulangadc.go.tz

Vacancies and Internships at Ulanga District Council – Nafasi za Kazi Halmashauri Wilaya ya Ulanga

Ulanga District Council (DC) job vacancies are normally advertised through the Ulanga DC Official website which can be accessed through this link: http://ulangadc.go.tz/


Also, Government jobs in Ulanga district Council are normally advertised through the government Official jobs portal (Public Service Recruitment Secretariat-PSRS) which can be accessed through this link- https://ajira.go.tz/.

Find and apply for various Companies, Government Institutions, and Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) Job Vacancies advertised in Ulanga district Council by browsing through the links listed below

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Important Note: The information on this page will continue to be updated as new opportunities are announced by the respective authority. If you can’t find the opportunities you are looking for, please visit the official authority website for more opportunities.

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