NECTA Qualifying Test (QT) Results 2018/2019

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Qualifying Test (QT)

The Qualifying Test examination administered to private candidates inteding to sit for the Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (CSEE), but do not have Form II level secondary education.

The Qualifying Test will comprise questions from Civics, Cross Cutting issues, English Language, Kiswahili, Kiswahili, History, Geography, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics.

Qualifying Test draws as much as possible from the form I and II national syllabus but focus more on testing knowledge and skills equivalent to National Form II Examination.

NECTA Qualifying Test (QT) Results 2018/2019
NECTA Qualifying Test (QT) Results For 2018/2019 academic year have been released

  1. NECTA Qualifying Test (QT) Results 2018/2019

How to Get Qualifying Test (QT) Results Online in 2018
Getting Qualifying Test (QT) results online is just but a click away following technological innovations. The only requirement is a device capable of accessing the internet, more preferably a smart phone. Simply follow the steps listed below.

Steps to checking Qualifying Test (QT) results online

Open any browser.
Enter address of official site:
Find the announcement tab >> Click on the «Qualifying Test (QT) Results»
You can choose Your region or school or find on page by typing your school name or number
A breakdown of results will be displayed in just but a few seconds depending on your internet speed.

Use the following links to check your results

General Objectives
The main objective of the Qualifying Test is to determine whether the prospective candidates have attained secondary education equivalent to form two level and thus are in a position to sit for the Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (CSEE).

General Competences
The examination will specifically test candidate’s ability to to:

Interpret basic knowledge, facts, principles, concepts, and figures in the stated subjects.
State, define and name basic knowledge, facts, principles, and concepts in the relevant subjects.
Write correct language using proper grammar, structure and vocabulary in the subject tested
Write a clear summary, answer comprehension questions and write a composition on a given passage, topic or subject.
Demonstrate and interpret mathematical knowledge within a given context and manipulate set theory and application, and carry out simple differentiation and integration.
Demonstrate use of knowledge and skills in Physics, Chemistry and Biology to solve problems which may involve unfamiliar situations.
Use knowledge, concepts, laws, theories and principles of the Physics, Chemistry and Biology subjects in daily life.

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