Recognised Foreign Universities by TCU

By | May 15, 2019

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High learning Institutions in most of the countries in the World are regulated by a Council or Commission depend on the University Act of a particular country. Commissions have a mandate to recognise the Universities in a particular Country. The followings are some of the Council or Commission from various Countries with recognised Universities in their Countries.

Sn Name Country Website
1. Commission for University Education Kenya
2. Uganda National Council for Higher Education Uganda
3. Higher Education Council Rwanda
4. National Commission for Higher Education Burundi  
5. South African Qualifications Authority South Africa
6. Council on Higher Education South Africa
7. Department of Higher Education and Training South Africa
8. Malaysian Qualifications Register Malaysia
9. Higher Education Authority Zambia
10. University Grants Commission India
11. Higher Education Funding Council for UK UK
12. U.S Department of Education US
13. Council on Higher Education Lesotho Lesotho
14 Zimbabwe Council on Higher Education Zimbabwe