Rwanda Education Board-REB Results 2021-2022

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REB TVET National Examinations Results 2021/22, Rwanda Education Board REB Results 2021: result 2021 by National Examinations Results – The Rwanda National Examinations Council (RNEC) is responsible for the overall administration, regulation, and supervision of national examinations and accreditation in primary and secondary school in Rwanda.

Kureba Amanota y’Ikizami cya Leta yasohowe na Rwanda Education Board (REB) / Check for National Examinations Results from Rwanda Education Board (REB)


Rwanda Education Board- REB TVET National Examinations 2019/20S6 Examinations,

Rwanda Education Board- REB TVET National Examinations

Total candidates 2018,  TVET National Examinations was 21,847 and general pass rate is 95.23%.

Best performing students in Advanced Level Secondary National Examinations are awarded the Laptops.

Total candidates who sat for S6 Examinations,2018 in General Education is 42,145 candidates and General Pass Rate was 88.22%

Girl’s general pass rate is 84.0% while boys general pass rate is 93.033% in General Education.

Rwanda Education Board REB Results 2018-2019


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Kureba AMANOTA y’Ikizami cya Leta ya REB / Check for National Examinations Results from REB, Rwanda

Rwanda Education Board (REB), Rwanda is responsible for conducting expatiation likes

  • A’LEVEL (S6) : Advanced Secondary School level
  • O’LEVEL (S3) : Ordinary Secondary School level
  • PRIMARY (P6): Primary Leaving National Examination:

REB Rwanda is also responsible for the publication of Primary to Advance level national examinations results. Rwanda Education Board (REB) allows students to check the reb result in a very easy way. REB also Analyse results and produce performance statistics.

REB announced their result in web portal, once the results are published candidates or schools whose results are withheld or cancelled is also notified by the board.

All results will be issued by REB as soon as the award and processing of marks are completed for each centre. A list of all candidates showing their subject results and their overall performance will be printed and candidates will be able to view their results online through SMS on mobile phones or on the website. The result slips for individual candidates will also be printed and delivered to examination centres.

REB Results Released Date:

REB releases national exam results

Rwanda Education Board (REB) will on Monday, December 30 announce the results for national exams for candidates who sat for Primary Leaving Examinations and Ordinary Level exams.

The announcement comes seven days before the school starts on January 6th 2020.

According to the announcement by the board, other results to be released are for those for Teachers’ Training Colleges.

For primary level, results will be announced to 286,087 candidates who sat for the exams on November 4-6.

Among them, 152,339 are girls while 131,748 are boys.

PLE candidates number this year increased by 12 percent from 255,578 candidates in 2018.

Primary candidates usually sit for five exams. Mathematics, Kinyarwanda, English, Social Studies and Elementary Sciences. Five aggregates, 1 in each subject, is the best, while 45 is the lowest with 9 aggregates in each subject.

In the ordinary level category, senior three 3, REB will release results for 119,932 candidates who sat for exams on November 12-19. 54.5 percent of the candidates are girls.

Under this category, Rwanda Education Board recorded an increase of 21 percent from 98,898 candidates in 2018.

Candidates sat for nine subjects including Maths, English, Kinyarwanda, Biology, Geography, Physics, Entrepreneurship, Chemistry and History. With 1 aggregate as the best in each subject, 9 is considered outstanding and 72 is considered the lowest.

When the results are released, candidates are usually able to check their results on the board’s website or other announced procedures.

This year saw the second cohort of candidates sit for the national exams under the Competency-Based Curriculum, which came into effect in 2015.

According to Irénée Ndayambaje, the Director-General of REB, this year gives an opportunity to measure the effectiveness of the new curriculum, and know which improvement is needed.

REB grades
The performance of every candidate shall be given a grade for each subject and a result slip issued accordingly, indicating the overall performance of the candidate.
Grades are awarded on a 9 point scale from 1 to 9 and a 6 point scale for A-level results from A to E for Principal passes and S for Subsidiary passes determined by establishing the position of a candidate’s raw marks on a frequency distribution curve.

The pass mark is 3 subsidiary passes in the principal subjects. To qualify for Higher Education, a candidate at A’ Level must also obtain 2 principals at E in two principal subjects with a minimum of 13 points.
Rwanda National Examinations:

National examination is conducted for :
Ordinary Level
Advanced Level

Workforce Development Authority (WDA) is responsible for conducting TVET National Exams.

Primary Leaving National Examination also is known as P6, candidates will be eligible for the examination if they have completed six years of Primary Education. They must be presented by their schools as there are no private candidates at this level.
Ordinary Level National Examination: also known as S3 candidates will be eligible if they have completed three years of Secondary Education. Only candidates presented by their school head teachers are eligible for this examination. They may be asked for proof of having sat the primary leaving examinations.

Advanced Level National Examination also is known as S6.

School Candidates

A school candidate must be a bonafide student who has been studying continuously for three years, after the Ordinary Level National Examination, in a Secondary School recognized as eligible to present candidates for the advanced Level National Examination

Private Candidates

A private candidate is one who is not entitled to enter as a school candidate but is eligible to register and sit for the examination in conformity with entry requirements stipulated by the Board.



REB National Examinations Results 2019:
REB provides a technological solution to check the REB National Examinations Results 2018 in a quick and easy way. Students and parents may check the national exams like Primary, Ordinary Level and Advanced Level results by online and SMS.

REB Examinations Results by Online:

To check the results online we have given details step by instructions to check Rwanda REB Results.

  • Step 1: Open your Internet Browser (Like Google Chrome)
  • Step 2: Type in address bar REB WEBSITE
  • Step 3: At the right sidebar check for “Search Result
  • Step 4: Select the Exam Name   
  • Step 5: Enter Your Registration No of the Selected Exam Name.
  • Final Step: Click on the “Search Button”

Now your selected REB National Examinations Results will be displayed, you can download the result or print it for future purpose.

REB Examinations Results Via SMS

Students can access their RNEC results on phone by writing P6, S3 and S6 – index number and send SMS to 489 

Examples of SMS format.





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Kureba Amanota y’Ikizami cya Leta yasohowe na Rwanda Education Board (REB) / Check for National Examinations Results from Rwanda Education Board (REB)

Kureba Amanota y’Ikizami cya Leta yasohowe na Rwanda Education Board (REB) / Check for National Examinations Results from Rwanda Education Board (REB)

Rwanda Education Board- REB TVET National Examinations 2019/20S6 Examinations,2019

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