Tamisemi-announces pupils selected to join Form One, 2020

by Udahiliportal

Minister of State OR-RALG Hon. Salem Jafo has announced the selected students to join Form One in 2020 to be 701,038 equivalent to 92.27 percent of the 759,000 students who graduate.

Speaking to today’s reporters in Dodoma City Hon. Jafo explained that the boys selected were 335,513 equivalent to 47.86 percent and 365,525 girls equivalent to 52.14 percent.

Hon. Jafo explained that by 2019 a total of 759,737 students passed the test with 81.3 percent of the examiners, including 363,999 boys equivalent to 47.9 percent and 395,738 girls equal to 52.08 percent.

Out of the 1,461 disabled students equal 0.19 percent including 777 boys and 684 girls added Jafo.

“Of the selected pupils, 3,145 students equivalent to 0.41 percent of the graduates have been selected to join boarding schools, 970 students will join the schools with the Best Students; 1095 students will join technical schools and 1,080 students will join regular boarding schools ”said Jafo.

In addition, 697,893 students equivalent to 99.59 percent including 361,866 boys and 395,692 girls have been selected to join high schools in various districts in the country added Jafo.

Minister Jafo added that the 13 Regions of Dodoma, Geita, Kagera, Katavi, Kilimanjaro, Morogoro, Mtwara, Mwanza, Njombe, Ruvuma, Shinyanga, Singida and Tabora have been able to elect all the successful students to join Form One in 2019 in Government Secondary schools .

In addition, a total of 58,699 pupils equal to 7.73 percent, including 28,567 boys and 48.53 percent and 30,132 girls equivalent to 51.33 percent of the graduates, did not get a chance to be selected due to the lack of classrooms said Jafo.

“The regions with the shortage of classrooms and the remaining student population are Arusha (4,739), Dar es Salaam (5,808), Iringa (3,480), Kigoma (12,092), Lindi (1,695), Manyara (728), Mara (9,493) , Mbeya (2,716), Coast (2,918), Rukwa (686), Simiyu (6,616), Songwe (4,684) and Tanga (3,044) ”said Jafo.

Jafo noted that the remaining Students will join the first form after the classrooms are completed.

“I would like to use this opportunity to congratulate all the students who were selected to join Form I in secondary schools.

I also thank the Teachers, Senior Teachers, School Committees, Ward, District and Regional Officers as well as all Council and Regional Leaders and Stakeholders in Education for providing co-operation in the management and delivery of quality education in the country.

I would like to wish all the selected students to make the most of this opportunity for learning ”emphasized Jafo.

At the same time Hon. Jafo has instructed Regional and District Heads to supervise the reception of first-year students including conducting surveillance at the school to identify various challenges and can be resolved quickly.

I direct the Principals and District Heads of students to complete the construction of classrooms by 29/02/2020 and the Regional Administrative Secretaries and Directors of the respective Councils to ensure the implementation of this instruction to ensure that all remaining students join Form One. 02/03/2020.

Hon. Jafo concluded by calling on Council and all education stakeholders to complete the buildings and create an enabling environment for all selected students to start Form One in January 2020.


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