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By | May 15, 2019

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The application and admission process require an applicant to apply directly through respective institution of one’s choice. Programmes on offer and specific entry requirements for the programmes are available through websites of individual institutions.

Prospective applicants are required to lodge their applications to institutions of their preference and all admission procedures shall be accomplished by the institution and announcements of successful applicants shall be done by the respective institution.

To understand the admission procedure click here. For all admission  querries please contact respective institution.


Who is eligible to apply?

  1. Form Six Leavers; and
  2. Holders of Ordinary Diplomas, FTC, and their equivalences
  • Holders of Foundation Certificate of the Open University of Tanzania

What are the Procedures?

All applicants should:

  1. Carefully read and understand the admission requirements provided here;
  2. Lodge their applications directly through respective institutions;


All applicants holding foreign qualifications must have their qualifications validated and equated by NECTA or NACTE for certificates of secondary education and teacher education; and for Technical Education in respect of NTA Level 6 /Diploma qualifications respectively.

As approved in section (12) (2) (a) (b) (c) of the Universities Act Cap 346 of the laws of Tanzania, read together with regulation 31 (2) (3) (4), the Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU) is mandated to coordinate admissions to Higher Learning Institutions (HLIs). From 2010/2011
academic year, TCU coordinated admissions into HLIs through Central Admission System (CAS).

Different from previous years, admissions into HLIs in this 2018/2019 academic year was done through individual Institutions. Therefore, Applicants channeled their applications direct to individual Institutions. Higher Learning Institution (HLIs) directly received, processed applications and admitted students into their institutions.

After selection HLIs submitted the selected applicants to TCU for approval. The aim of this
change was to give maximum autonomy to students to choose institutions and programmes of their preference and to provide HLIs on the other hand on maximum participation on quality assurance in the selection and admission process

Admission Procedures

i. All applicants to Lodge their applications directly through institution and channel all application queries to respective institution.

ii. Applicants are required to carefully read and understand the guidelines and admission requirements for programmes they anticipate to apply for, provided in this book and on the website of
individual institutions.

iii. Applicants should ensure that they have adequate information for the programme and institutions of their choices, taking into account competition, one’s passes and career aspirations.

iv. Applicants should ensure that the names and index numbers used during application for admission into HLIs match with those used during their studies (F4 and F6).

v. Applicants who do not have at least three credits at O-Level examination results and Two Principal Passes in their A- Level examination results (with a total of 4.0 points as directed in Table 2) are advised not to apply as they do not meet the minimum requirements to be enrolled in any degree programme offered by Tanzanian Higher Learning Institutions.

vi. All applicants holding foreign qualifications must have their qualifications validated and equated by the respective regulatory bodies before submitting their applications for admissions as

  • The National Examinations Council of Tanzania in respect of certificates of secondary education and teacher education; and
  • The National Council for Technical Education in respect of NTA level 6 qualifications.

vii. Applicants are advised to use the book titled: “List of Approved Undergraduate Degree Programmes to admit students for 2018/2019 Academic Year” which is available on TCU website: for information on all approved undergraduate programmes, their capacities and entry qualifications.

viii. Students are advised to make adequate arrangements to meet the cost related to the programme being applied for.



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