TCU Undergraduate Admission Guide Book 2022/23 – TCU Admission requirements

Find out about undergraduate admission requirements and available programmes based on your academic background. Learn about specific program requirements, Credit Transfer information as well as transfer procedures within and across Universities. We also provide important application dates and deadlines. Reports, and statistics pertaining to the higher education institutions in the country.

TCU Admission requirements

Identify your academic background from the options (according to programme fields of study provided) and review the admission requirements for your intended program of study using the (Admissions Guidebooks). In addition to meeting general university admission requirements, you may need to know the programme capacities for an informed decision before you proceed to apply to the chosen University institution of your choice.

If you are currently enrolled in University or were previously admitted to a Higher Learning institution in previous years and wish to re-apply, please complete the procedure (Re-application form) before you proceed with the application to an institution of your choice. To download the form, please click here.

TCU Undergraduate Admission Guide Book

The Undergraduate Student Admission Guidebook is meant to provide the applicants with basic information on
matters related to the entire process of admissions. The Guidebook indicates the programmes offered in each higher education institution as approved by TCU.

In addition, it indicates the minimum entry requirements, institutional capacity, fee structure for each programme, the maximum loanable amount for programmes of national priority, and other relevant information (For more information on Loans the applicants are advised to refer to the Guidelines and Criteria for Issuance of Student Loans and Grants for 2021/22 academic year issued by the Higher Education Students’ Loans Board.

Applicants are, therefore, strongly advised to read the Admissions Guidebook before they start lodging their applications.

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