UDSM Scholarship Opportunity For Post-Doctoral Studies In Food Security Programme

By | July 2, 2019

UDSM Scholarship Opportunity For Post-Doctoral Studies In Food Security Programme, udsm scholarship 2019, Post-Doctoral Studies 2019

Scholarship Opportunity for Post-Doctoral Studies in Food Security Programme

The Sustainable Agricultural Productivity, Processing, and Value Chain for Enhancing Food Security in Tanzania (SAPPV), a Sida-funded sub-programme, has one scholarship position for post-doctoral studies. The selected applicant will conduct his/her research mainly in Tanzania for 6-9 months and 3 months at the collaborating institution in Sweden in the area of food product development and food safety. The programme commences in July 2019.

1. The core research areas will be:
• Formulation and preservation by pasteurisation of banana juice and its blends with one or two other fruits pineapple, passion and/or berries;
• Preservation by preservation of at least one more local drink;
• Organoleptic taste of pasteurised drinks; and
• Microbial safety of black soldier fly larvae.

2. Key Qualifications
• Holder of Ph.D. in food technology, food processing, biochemical engineering, or related fields;
• Be a UDSM staff although other potential candidates may apply;
• Evidence of scientific publication from which at least one publication is from the Ph.D work;
• Not more than three years since completion of Ph.D;
• Not more than 50 years of age;
• Ability to communicate clearly in English and produce written documents and make presentations;
• Ability to work independently and with a team;
• Ability to maintain regular communication with team members and the Principal Investigator.

A reasonable salary will be provided.

To Apply:
Send a CV and a concept note of not more than three pages explaining details of your research area, cover letter, and letters from three referees to Dr. Oscar Kibazohi kibazohi@yahoo.com. Deadline for submission is 30th June 2019.

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