University of Dodoma UDOM Admissions 2021/2022 | UDOM call for applications 2021/2022

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UDOM Admissions 2021: University of Dodoma (UDOM) call for applications 2021/2022, Applications are invited for admission at UDOM for 2021/2022 academic year. Eligible candidates (both direct entry and equivalent entry) can now apply for admission at the University of Dodoma Application.

Applications for all courses are accepted through the University of Dodoma UDOM online application system. Currently, the UDOM Admissions is open for Undergraduate applicants (both direct entry and equivalent entry). To apply, students first must have to register themselves on the UDOM online application system. On successful registrations, candidates can proceed to submit the application form.

Download University of Dodoma UDOM call for applications official advert pdf

The University of Dodoma (UDOM) invites applications from suitably qualified candidates for  admission into its various Undergraduate Degree and Non-Degree Programmes (Diploma  Programmes) for the academic year 2021/2022. This is a mini- application window open for  all applicants under the DIRECT, EQUIVALENT & Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) 

Qualification modes. Candidates interested to pursue degree and non-degree programmes at  UDOM should apply directly to The University of Dodoma through the UDOM Online  Admission System (UOAS) available at Details of the degree  and non-degree programmes and application procedures can be accessed at the University  of Dodoma website: All successful applicants are guaranteed affordable  on campus accommodation with an excellent learning environment. 

Minimum Entry Requirements 

A candidate shall be deemed eligible for consideration for admission to an undergraduate  degree programme of the University if the candidate has obtained: 

  1. a) For Applicants Completed A-Level Studies Before2014 

Two (2) principal passes with a total of 4.0 points from two (2) subjects defining  the admission into the respective programme (where A=5; B=4; C=3; D=2; E=1) b) For Applicants Completed A-Level Studies in 2014-2015 

Two (2) principal passes (Two Cs) with a total of 4.0 points from two (2) Subjects  defining the admission into the respective programme (where A=5; B+=4; B=3;  C=2; D=1) 

  1. c) For Applicants Completed A-Level Studies from 2016 

Two (2) principal passes with a total of 4.0 points from Two (2) Subjects defining  the admission into the respective programme (where A=5; B=4; C=3; D=2; E=1) d) Recognition of Prior Learning Qualification 

B+ Grade: where A=75-100, B+=65-74, B=50-64, C=40-49, D=35-39, F=0-38 

  1. e) Equivalent Applicants 

At least four (4) O’-Level passes (Ds and above) or NTA Level III with less than  four (4) O’- Level passes or equivalent foreign qualifications as established by  either NECTA or VETA; AND

  1. At least a GPA of 3.0 for Ordinary Diploma (NTA Level) OR 
  2. Average of C for full Technician Certificate (FTC) (where A=5; B=4; C=3;  D=2 points); OR 

iii. Average of ‘B’ Grade for Diploma in Teacher Education; OR 

  1. Average of ‘B’ Grade for Health-related awards such as Clinical Medicine  and others; OR 
  2. A Distinction for unclassified diplomas and certificates  
  3. Upper Second Class for classified non-NTA diplomas. 

Undergraduate programmes to be offered in the 2021/2022 academic year are presented in  Tables A and B. 

Table A. Degree Programmes

SN  Programme  Code  Duration  (Years) Capacity  Tuition Fee  (TZS)
College of Business and Economics
Bachelor of Arts in Economics  DM027  60  1,000,000
Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Sociology  DM028  75  1,000,000
Bachelor of Business Administration  DM033  150  1,000,000
Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting  DM034  150  1,000,000
Bachelor of Commerce in Finance  DM035  150  1,000,000
Bachelor of Commerce in Human Resource  Management DM036  75  1,000,000
Bachelor of Commerce in Entrepreneurship  DM037  50  1,000,000
Bachelor of Commerce in International Business  DM038  50  1,000,000
Bachelor of Commerce in Tourism and Hospitality  Management DM039  75  1,000,000
10  Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing  DM040  75  1,000,000
11  Bachelor of Art in Environmental Economics and  Policy DM041  60  1,000,000
12  Bachelor of Art in Economics and Statistics  DM045  75  1,000,000
13  Bachelor of Commerce in Procurement and Logistic  Management DM066  150  1,000,000
14  Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA – Evening) DM073  60  1,200,000
15  Bachelor of Commerce in Information Management  DM067  75  1,000,000
College of Earth Sciences and Engineering
16  Bachelor of Science in Applied Geology  DM014  80  1,500,000
17  Bachelor of Science in Mining Engineering  DM015  45  1,500,000
18  Bachelor of Science in Metallurgy and Mineral  Processing Engineering DM016  45  1,500,000
19  Bachelor of Science in Geo-informatics  DM077  80  1,500,000
20  Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering  DM078  50  1,500,000
21  Bachelor of Science in Environmental Sciences  DM079  50  1,500,000
22  Bachelor of Science in Renewable Energy  Engineering DM080  57  1,500,000
23  Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering  DM064  30  1,500,000
24  Bachelor of Science in Chemical and Process  Engineering DM090  30 1,500,000
College of Education
25  Bachelor of Education in Arts  DM048  500  700,000
26  Bachelor of Education in Commerce  DM049  260  700,000
27  Bachelor of Education in Psychology  DM050  286  700,000

28  Bachelor of Education in Special Needs  DM051  140  700,000
29  Bachelor of Education in Adult Education and  Community DM052  450  700,000
30  Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood Education  DM053  285  700,000
31  Bachelor of Education in Guidance and Counseling  DM054  285  700,000
32  Bachelor of Education in Administration and  Management DM055  333  700,000
33  Bachelor of Education in Policy, Planning and  Management DM056  283  700,000
34  Bachelor of Education in Science  DM057  240  1,200,000
35  Bachelor of Education in Science with ICT  DM060  180  1,200,000
College of Humanities and Social Sciences
36  Bachelor of Arts in Translation and Interpretation  DM076  80  800,000
37  Bachelor of Arts in History  DM018  213  800,000
38  Bachelor of Arts in English  DM020  40  800,000
39  Bachelor of Arts in French  DM021  50  800,000
40  Bachelor of Arts in Tourism and Cultural Heritage  DM023  290  800,000
41  Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and Film  DM024  110  800,000
42  Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts and Design  DM025  110  800,000
43  Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Public  Administration DM030  310  800,000
44  Bachelor of Geography and Environmental Studies  DM031  350  800,000
45  Bachelor of Arts in Sociology  DM032  230  800,000
46  Bachelor of Environmental Disaster Management  DM043  130  800,000
47  Bachelor of Art in International Relations  DM046  140  800,000
48  Bachelor of Arts with Education  DM058  306  700,000
49  Bachelor of Art in Philosophy and Political Science  DM065  80  800,000
50  Bachelor of Arts in Oriental Languages (Arabic)  DM068  106  800,000
51  Bachelor of Arts in Archaeology and Anthropology  DM087  50  800,000
52  Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Public Relations  DM088 100  800,000
53  Shahada ya Awali ya Sanaa katika Kiswahili  DM091  300  800,000
College of Informatics and Virtual Education
54  Bachelor of Science in Computer Science  DM003  100  1,200,000
55  Bachelor of Science in Information System  DM004  100  1,200,000
56  Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering  DM005  100  1,500,000
57  Bachelor of Science in Business Information  Systems DM006  100  1,200,000
58  Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering  DM007  100  1,500,000
59  Bachelor of Science in Telecommunications  Engineering DM008  105  1,500,000
60  Bachelor of Science in Health Information Systems  DM062  130  1,200,000
61  Bachelor of Science in Computer Networks and  Information Security Engineering DM063  105  1,500,000
62  Bachelor of Science in Multimedia Technology &  Animation DM075  100  1,200,000
63  Bachelor of Science in Instructional Design &  Information Technology DM074  100  1,200,000
64  Bachelor of Science in Digital Content and  Broadcasting Engineering DM085  100  1,500,000
65  Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security and Digital  Forensics Engineering DM086  100  1,500,000
College of Natural and Mathematical Sciences
66  Bachelor of Science in Physics  DM009  120  1,200,000
67  Bachelor of Science in Chemistry  DM010  150  1,200,000


68  Bachelor of Science in Biology  DM011  246  1,200,000
69  Bachelor of Science in Mathematics  DM012  200  1,200,000
70  Bachelor of Science with Education  DM059  330  1,200,000
71  Bachelor of Science in Statistics  DM013  150  1,200,000
72  Bachelor of Science in Aquaculture and Aquatic  Sciences DM081  80  1,200,000
73  Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Statistics  DM083  120  1,200,000
74  Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Statistics  DM084  120  1,200,000
75  Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology and  Bioinformatics DM089  40  1,200,000
School of Medicine and Dentistry 
76  Doctor of Medicine  DM001  180  1,800,000
School of Nursing and Public Health


Bachelor of Science in Nursing  DM002  240  1,500,000
78  Bachelor of Science in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics  DM082  40  1,500,000
School of Law
79  Bachelor of Law  DM047  4 261  1,500,000
Institute of Development Studies 
80  Bachelor of Art in Project Planning, Management  and Community Development DM042  300  800,000
81  Bachelor of Art in Development Studies  DM044  550  800,000
Confucius Institute -UDOM
82  Bachelor of Arts in Oriental Languages (Chinese)  DM069  180  800,000

Table B. Diploma Programmes 

S/N  Programme  Code  Program 










School of Medicine and Dentistry
Diploma in Pharmacy  16DP101  120  1,200,000
Diploma in Medical Laboratory Sciences  16DP102  120  1,200,000
School of Nursing and Public Health
Diploma in Nursing  16DP103  120  1,200,000
College of Informatics and Virtual Education
Diploma in Educational Technology  16DP114  90  900,000
Diploma in Information and  

Communications Technology

16DP117  90  900,000
College of Natural and Mathematical Sciences
Diploma in Forest Management and Nature  Conservation 16DP129  100  900,000
Diploma in Forensic Sciences  16DP131  100  900,000
College of Earth Sciences and Engineering
Diploma in Mining Engineering  16DP126  100  900,000
Diploma in Mineral Exploration and Mining  Geology 16DP125  100  900,000

Application Details: 

  1. Application fee is TZS 10,000.00 payable through the online system by using a control  number. 
  2. Information on application procedures can be accessible through UDOM Online 

Application System at 

  1. More Information on the programmes and admission criteria for UDOM programmes  visit TCU website or UDOM website
  2. The mini-application window shall be open from 15th June 2021 up to 5th August 2021. 

For more information Contact

  1. Admissions Office,  

Mkapa Building (Central Administration), 1st Floor, Office No.44 

P.O. Box 259, Dodoma,  

Telephone: +255262310000,  

Mobile Numbers: +255713478676, +255659747499, +255757385598 

  1. Director, Undergraduate Studies,  

Mkapa Building (Central Administration), 1st Floor,  

Office No. 35 Mailing address:  

  1. O. BOX 259, Dodoma,  


Telephone: +255262310300, Mobile number: +255754821657

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