47,305 first-year students Secured HESLB Loan For 2020/2021 Academic Year (First Batch)

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HESLB Loan Allocation 2020/2021 

The Higher Education Student Loans Board (HESLB) today announced the First Phase list with 47,305 first-year students scheduled for loans worth TZS 150.03 billion for the 2020/2021 academic year which is expected to start next week.

Announcing the list in Dar es Salaam, HESLB CEO Mr. Abdul-Razaq Badru said that out of these students (47,305), men are 26,964 or 57.37 percent and women are 20,341 , or 42.63 percent .

In addition, Badru said HESLB has started sending student loans to various colleges and asked students to get detailed information in the accounts they used to apply for a popular loan such as SIPA (Student’s Individual Permanent Account) and prepare to go to college for enrollment.

“The government has given us money and we have started sending it to colleges… our goal is to ensure qualified students find the money in colleges where they will register and receive to fulfill their dreams,” said Badru at a meeting held at HESLB offices in Dar es Salaam.

Date of release of Phase II list

Regarding the announcement of the Phase Two list, Badru said it is scheduled to be released on Saturday, November 14, 2020 after completing the ongoing application analysis and urging loan applicants to visit their SIPA accounts to get information about their applications.

“These first year students have been offered a loan because they have the qualifications including being needy, have applied correctly and have admission to the same college. We are finalizing the analysis of other applications and will provide a second list in the next two days, namely Saturday, November 14, ”said Badru.

Credit planning for second-year students and onwards

In addition, at the meeting, the CEO said that all students who have loans continuing their studies in various colleges in the country about 44,629 have been allocated loans worth TZS 155.06 billion.

“These 44,629 students have been offered loans after HESLB received the results of the examination confirming that the student has passed the course in the first year,” said Mr. Badru and clarified HESLB continues to receive the results of students who grew up with loans in the previous academic year and will be allocated loans.

TZS 464 Billion has been allocated for higher education loans 2020/2021

At the meeting, Mr. Badru explained that the Government has allocated TZS 464 billion for 145,000 student loans Of these, 54,000 students will be first-year students and 91,000 are students with loans and continuing their studies after passing their annual examinations.


In addition, the Board would like to urge loan applicants to remain calm as the credit process for qualified students for the next phase continues.

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HESLB applicants can also Check the HESLB list of successful loan beneficiaries for 2020/2021 by using the direct links below


More details visit HESLB Official Website

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Maulid Nusura November 12, 2020 - 12:27

list of names for loan board

SANSLAUS WAMALA CYPILIAN November 16, 2020 - 10:47

In my account it reads as”your application is yet to be finalized Your advised to visit your SIPA when the loan are released”and in my university account there is no any new information rather than those for confirmation so my SIPA is for loan board or university?PLEASE HELP ME!

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