HESLB's statement about resistant debtors and their employers

By | March 20, 2018

The Higher Education students Loan Board  (HESLB)  Assistant CEO ,Phidelis Joseph has asked employers to stop losing their beneficiaries’ credits claiming they have more credit.
He made the statement at Matovolwa Dodoma Hospital, a continuous campaign to visit employers and beneficiaries who did not want to refund loans.
He said, some employers do not claim a loan after employers claim they have a lot of loans, so compliance with the employer’s law remains one third of his salary. He said the higher education loan is legal and should be cut off with tax deductions, social security bags and then one third of them are cut off.
“No one should be cut off of a board loan if he or she is entitled to the fact that he has other vicoba loans, saccos or banks, which is a compulsory deduction such as the Tanzanian Revenue Authority (TRA) and community stock pockets,” he said.
Hospital spokesman, Buberwa Rwakajende said, his hospital has hired graduates of a certificate and a diploma only and has one employee who is beneficiary who has been denied access to being in the contraceptive vacancy.
The statement did not convince the Board of Directors and forced Joseph to order by Friday the hospital’s headquarters to send the names of all diplomas and degrees.
Such an order was also given to the leadership of the Hijra Seminary School, which has never been named. Acting Head of School, Witness Twalib who was initially tempted to flee HESLB officials, said the school is a transition period to eliminate unprofessional teachers and promises to send names.
In terms of a six-year-old Grace School of Mercy School worth $ 83.5 million, Joseph asked them to transfer the staffs from September 2017 to March 2018 and will be taken action.