Interactive Voice Response Manager at Ubongo

by Udahiliportaldaily

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Manager 


Full Time

Dar es Salaam

Job Position: 

We are looking for a creative, and technically skilled, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Manager, who will work closely with our Head of Digital to develop audio experiences that bring Ubongo content to millions of kids. One of the main audio experiences that we work with is IVR. Using IVR, kids, and caregivers can listen to our audio content, like songs and stories, by simply dialing a number on their phones and engaging with interactive menus. Working with Ubongo won’t be easy, but it will challenge and excite you with lots of responsibilities, and plenty of fun, and give you the opportunity to impact the lives of millions of kids every day.

Expected Deliverables and Activities:

Develop a strategy for delivery of Ubongo’s audio content through IVR

Main Activities:


  • Get to know Ubongo’s full inventory of audio content, as well as video content that has potential for delivery as audio. Understand what is available for each of our shows and in each of the languages we work with;
  • Ideate how best to package this audio content for distribution through IVR platforms;
  • Formulate strategies for growing our reach with IVR throughout Africa;
  • Write up these strategies in order to have a document that you and your teammates can reference;
  • Refine the strategy through on-going processes of prototyping, experimenting and trial and error.
  • Create audio content (e.g. audio stories, lessons and songs) by adapting existing audio files and working with the studio team to record original content.


Main Activities:


  • Gather your inventory of clean sound files (and video files) for compiling into distribution-ready IVR audio content;
  • Record new, original sound files, where necessary – working with Ubongo’s team of sound engineers and recording artists;
  • Edit source files (Cleaning up, normalising, leveling, editing, augmenting, compressing) and export distribution-ready tracks for sharing with audiences;
  • Develop innovative approaches to sharing our audio content through IVR, such as “Build-your-own-stories”, short courses, playlists of songs etc.
  • Setup and maintain partnerships with new and existing IVR partners across Africa


Main Activities:


  • Map out the key stakeholders involved in the delivery of audio content to kids in Africa and beyond;
  • Reach out to new, existing, and potential IVR partners to share the Ubongo vision and get them on board;
  • Set up contracts and agreements with new partners, that will guide a working relationship with Ubongo, in audio distribution;
  • Maintain regular communication with all partners, through email, conference calls, and face-to-face meetings.
  • There will also be room to provide your knowledge and expertise to other teams at Ubongo. At the end of your contract, you should share a handover document with the Ubongo team to enable us to take the work further.





  • Experience (educational or professional) with working on sound design projects that involve multiple stakeholders;
  • Competent with simple sound design – sourcing sounds and editing sound files;
  • A digital all-rounder, proficient with things like simple sound design, basic graphic design, search engine optimization, analysis of analytics decks etc.
  • Passionate about digital audio – whether in the shape of stories, songs, or informative content;
  • A great communicator – passionate about working with people and keen to build relationships;
  • Creative – able to think of new and exciting ways to deliver audio content to kids and caregivers;
  • Eager to work in a team of talented people with different expertise, connected by a shared goal, to reach as many kids as possible with quality, entertaining and educational content!



Please note that only online applications will be considered. Those who come directly to the office with a CV or who email their CV to us will simply be directed to apply online.

So please save yourselftime and effort by simply sticking to online applications. THANKS!


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